Who We Are

Our goal is to provide early-stage startups with the capital and partnerships needed to go from idea to market in a curated, organized capacity.

Our Mission

The origin of EIC Rose Rock traces back to an invitation from EIC’s trusted partners—Tulsa Innovation Labs (TIL) and the George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF). Tulsa Innovation Labs designed this initiative to seize the opportunity to convene the unique energy ecosystem in Oklahoma to create a global energy technology innovation hub. EIC enthusiastically partnered with TIL and GKFF to develop a venture capital fund that builds upon Oklahoma’s deep energy expertise, entrepreneurial ethos, and collaborative community orientation.

Oklahoma has been a pioneer of energy technology and services since the early 1900s and is home to 10 Fortune 1000 energy companies. Oklahoma’s energy leaders are partnering with transformational energy tech startups to accelerate their innovation objectives. EIC Rose Rock Founding Partners Devon, ONEOK, and Williams, representing over $140B in enterprise value, are actively scaling their innovation programs to achieve substantial energy transition, emissions reductions, and operational goals.

EIC Rose Rock is a unique long-term partnership between a trusted visionary family foundation and its tech-focused development arm, multiple Fortune 500 energy leaders, and a premier venture capital fund.

Innovation Thesis

EIC Rose Rock is committed to investing in companies dedicated to developing energy technology, including those that advance the energy transition, improve sustainability, and enhance operational efficiency of existing assets.

EIC Rose Rock will focus on the following energy technology innovation themes:

Energy Transition

  • Reneweables and distributed generation
  • Storage integration & grid modernization
  • Transport electrification and alternative fuels
  • Batteries and energy storage
  • Energy efficiency and load management

Innovations to power the shift toward a low carbon economy


  • Emission reductions & offsets
  • Carbon capture, sequestration & Re-use
  • Responsibly produced products, RSG
  • Hydrogen
  • Water treatment and re-use
  • Biobased chemicals

Innovations that allow sustainable delivery of conventional energies and beyond

Energy Digitization

  • Connectivity, edge computing, IoT
  • Cloud services and development
  • AI/ML enabled analytics systems
  • Computer visioning, autonomous systems
  • Advanced mfg., robotics and digital workforce

Technologies and the solutions to enable the digital industrial and energy revolution